CORE Groups

In CORE Groups (groups of 3 to 5 men or 3-5 women) we ESTABLISH the foundational character and conduct of one who follows Christ daily; EQUIP followers in to live out habits, skills and rhythms that assure they mature and walk with Christ daily; and ENGAGE followers in the process of making disciples so that their lives replicate more followers of Jesus.

Contact Pastor Charlie Townsend to get involved with a CORE group.





In Community Groups (groups of 5-30) we SEEK God together through the Interactive study of God’s Word and the testimony of God’s work in and through the group members; we SHEPHERD through caring and praying for one another in a loving atmosphere of transparency and trust; and we SERVE by partnering together to do the work of God in daily life situations and missional contexts.

To get involved in a Community Group or for more information contact Pastor Charlie Townsend at



Sundays at 8:45am

Baby Boomers (Co-Ed) in Main Building – Room 211; also available via ZOOM

Seniors in Denial (Co-Ed) in Main Building – Room 106

Sundays at 9am

Hernandez Sunday School Community Group (Co-Ed, 60+) in Main Building – Room 210

Senior Adult Couples (Co-Ed) in Main Building – Celebration Room 4A

Senior Adult Ladies (Do-Gooders) in Main Building – Celebration Room 4B

Senior Adult Ladies (Agape) in Main Building – Celebration Room 4C

Senior Adult Men in Main Building – Celebration Room 4D

Sundays at 6pm

Northsiders Community Group (Families with younger kids) meets Off-Site Not meeting over the Summer

Door of Hope Community Group (Multi-generational and multi-family) meets Off-Site

Swinson Community Group (Multi-generational with families/children attending) meets Off-Site

Lusk/Tiller Youngish Married Community Group (Married Couples with young children) meets Off-Site

J-Walkers – Walking with Jesus Community Group (Multi-generational/Married Couples ages 30-70) Not meeting over the Summer

Roberts Community Group (Married Couples with kids/teens) Not meeting over the Summer

College and Young Professionals Community Group meets Off-Site

Sundays at 6:30pm

Followship Ladies (open to women of all ages – core group is 45 – 65) meets Off-Site twice a month

Mondays at 6pm

Men’s Monday Night Fellowship in Student Center – Room 101

Tuesdays at 10:30am

Naomi Ladies Bible Study (ages range from 45-80) in Student Center – Worship Room

Thursdays at 6:30pm

Digging Deeper Bible Study (Co-Ed, 50 – 70) meets Off-Site

Thursdays at 7pm

Thursday Men’s Group in Student Center – Game Room