August 14, 2022 Update

We are so excited to announce that yesterday, August 14, Dr. Ryan Smith was affirmed as the new Senior Pastor at Arrow Heights!  Ryan delivered a message on the importance of being a Word-Centered Church.  Following his message, a Business Meeting was held with a vote by secret ballot for church members.  This vote resulted in a 99% acceptance of Dr. Ryan Smith as our new Senior Pastor.  Mark your calendar for Ryan’s Installation Service on September 18, 2022, with a reception that afternoon.  What a wonderful time to be a member at Arrow Heights Baptist Church! 


August 8, 2022 Update

Yesterday, the Pastor Search Committee announced the Senior Pastor Candidate, Dr. Ryan Smith, and Kelly Keech read a testimony about the way God has worked in this process from Lori Sutton.   Hannah Ables narrated slides introducing the church to Ryan, his wife Allison, and their two children, Kelen and London. For the past 18 years, Dr. Smith has served on staff at Eagle Heights Baptist Church in Stillwater.  Here is the link to yesterday’s announcement if you would like to watch the Pastor Search Committee presentation.  Ryan will be coming In View of a Call this weekend, August 12-14. 

The following events will give those that are members of Arrow Heights the opportunity to ask questions and meet Ryan and his family.

Friday, August 12

  • 1:30-3:00 pm – Tea with the Smiths in the Celebration Room (open to all Senior Adult members)
  • 5:30-8:00 pm – Dinner with the Deacons in the Student Center Worship Room (RSVP Required)

Saturday, August 13

  • 1:30-3:30 pm – Townhall Meeting in the Worship Center – Childcare is provided.  (open to all church members)
  • 3:40-5:00 pm – Reception in the Family Center Gymnasium (open to all church members)

Sunday, August 14

  • 9:00-10:00 am – Meeting with the Youth in the Student Center Worship Room (open to all youth)
  • 10:15 am – Corporate Worship in the Worship Room – Ryan will preach
  • 11:45 am – Vote by secret ballot – Church members only

Below is the link to the brochure that was available after yesterday’s service, introducing Dr. Ryan Smith and outlining the events for this weekend. 

In View of a Call Brochure

This is a very exciting time at Arrow Heights!



July 31, 2022 Update

Good Morning Church,

The Pastor Search Committee would like to provide the following update on the current progress that has been made in searching for Arrow Height’s next Sr. Pastor.

In Genesis 22, we read how God provided a ram in place of Abraham’s son Isaac for a sacrifice.

In Exodus, we read how God provided a way through the Red Sea to escape the Egyptians and provided food and water for His people in the wilderness.  

In Joshua, we read how God provided his people, with the promised land and provided victory over their enemies.

In the Gospels, we read how God provided His Son, Jesus, as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, and raised Him on the third day, so that we have the hope of forgiveness if we believe.

In the Epistles, we read how God provided for His church despite persecution.

Today, I am here to tell Arrow Heights Baptist Church that our God, the one true God, is still one who provides. He has heard our prayers and has provided a Sr. Pastor Candidate who has answered God’s call to come to Arrow Heights Baptist Church.

The search committee is super excited to present this candidate to the church and believes that God has truly blessed and directed the Sr. Pastor search process.

We cannot provide his name yet, because he has not told his church. However, out of our excitement and the desire to be transparent, we want to share the following tentative plan. Next week, Aug 7th the committee will announce who the Sr. Pastor candidate is and give testimonies on how God has worked through the process. An email will then be sent out, detailing the next series of events on Aug 12-14th closing with Him coming in view of a call, including preaching and a member vote.

Please understand why we cannot disclose his name yet, out of respect for him and his church.

Thank you church, again, for all your prayers and support through this search process.

We are excited for the future of Arrow Heights Baptist Church!

Thank you.

July 10, 2022 Update

Good Morning Church,

The Pastor Search Committee would like to provide the following update of the current process and progress that has been made in searching for Arrow Heights next Sr. Pastor.

First of all, the committee wants to express our appreciation and gratitude for the church’s prayers and words of encouragement. Your all’s prayers, cards, text messages, and encouraging words in passing has been up-lifting to each of us.

The committee has continued to meet weekly to work diligently in our search. We continue to reach out to more pastors by referral, and we have received more pastoral candidate résumés for review.

We are still in the selection phase of the process where we are evaluating and collecting additional information on each candidate.  

As you continue to pray:

  • Pray for AHBC, that we would continue to be a strong Church, united in the Gospel, and a light to our community and the world.
  • Pray for our current pastoral staff as they work together to serve this body.
  • Pray for the future Sr. Pastor, that the Lord will direct his heart and the hearts of his family.
  • Pray that the search committee would continue to work well together and be unified in decisions.

There is no success in this process without the direction and blessing of the Lord God.

I am excited for the future of Arrow Heights Baptist Church!

Thank you.

June 5, 2022 Update

Good Morning Church,

My name is Jason Krebs, and I am the Chairman of your Pastor Search Committee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Todd Cathey for the organization and preparation work he has done for the search committee.  Todd’s organization and retention of best practices from the previous Sr. Pastor Search committee has been of great value.

The committee has been meeting weekly for the past month and would like to provide the church with an update on our activity and current status.

First of all, we are humbled by this opportunity to serve the church, in this way, looking for Arrow Height’s next Sr. Pastor. The only confidence we have in our success is our faith and trust in God’s sovereignty over His church. By faith, we trust that God has already prepared the next Sr. Pastor. As a committee, we covet your prayers as we also pray and seek God’s direction. 

Over the past month, the committee has reached out to multiple pastors by referral only. These referrals have come from multiple sources. We have also created multiple measuring tools to help us to be consistent in our evaluation of each pastor we review. The committee has already received some pastor candidate résumé’s and have started the evaluation process.

Again, there is no success in this process without the direction and blessing of the Lord God. Please continue to pray for the church, its current pastoral staff, the future Sr. Pastor, and the committee.

I am excited for the future of Arrow Heights Baptist Church!

Thank you.