June 5, 2022 Update

Good Morning Church,

My name is Jason Krebs, and I am the Chairman of your Pastor Search Committee.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pastor Todd Cathey for the organization and preparation work he has done for the search committee.  Todd’s organization and retention of best practices from the previous Sr. Pastor Search committee has been of great value.

The committee has been meeting weekly for the past month and would like to provide the church with an update on our activity and current status.

First of all, we are humbled by this opportunity to serve the church, in this way, looking for Arrow Height’s next Sr. Pastor. The only confidence we have in our success is our faith and trust in God’s sovereignty over His church. By faith, we trust that God has already prepared the next Sr. Pastor. As a committee, we covet your prayers as we also pray and seek God’s direction. 

Over the past month, the committee has reached out to multiple pastors by referral only. These referrals have come from multiple sources. We have also created multiple measuring tools to help us to be consistent in our evaluation of each pastor we review. The committee has already received some pastor candidate résumé’s and have started the evaluation process.

Again, there is no success in this process without the direction and blessing of the Lord God. Please continue to pray for the church, its current pastoral staff, the future Sr. Pastor, and the committee.

I am excited for the future of Arrow Heights Baptist Church!

Thank you.