Join us each Sunday for Worship @ 10 am Childcare Available for Children Ages Birth to 4 years old

Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

Learning Goals

All students should learn that God loves me. God made me & everything in the world because He loves me!


Our infant classes learn through exploring the environment using their five senses and through cause and effect play.

We begin enrolling babies at 6 weeks old. The focus for this class is:

  • Focus on the individual needs of the child for eating, sleeping, and diapering
  • Tummy time
  • Music through songs, instruments and fingerplays
  • Christ-centered teaching
  • Cause and effect through play and exploration
  • Traveling out of the classroom on buggy walks


The focus for this class is:

  • Structured classroom setting with a class schedule
  • Christ-centered teaching
  • Fine and Gross motor development
  • Dramatic play
  • Music through songs, instruments, and fingerplays
  • Interacting with friends - focus on sharing and playing with others
  • Books and puzzles
  • Basic infant sign language
  • Bible story
  • Traveling out of the classroom to the playground and on walks


The focus for this class is:

  • Structured classroom setting with class schedule
  • Designated lunch and nap time
  • Bible stories and Bible verses
  • Lesson plans and calendars
  • Fine and Gross motor activities
  • Weekly Spanish and Music classes
  • Outdoor playground and gym play for gross motor skills
  • Sensory exploration with varying materials
  • Art activities (teacher led and open ended)
  • Books and puzzles
  • Dramatic play
  • Potty training