Our infant classes learn through exploring the environment using their five senses and through cause and effect play.

We begin enrolling babies at 6 weeks old. The focus for this class is:

  • Focus on the individual needs of the child for eating, sleeping, and diapering
  • Tummy time
  • Music through songs, instruments and fingerplays
  • Christ-centered teaching
  • Cause and effect through play and exploration
  • Traveling out of the classroom on buggy walks


The focus for this class is:

  • Structured classroom setting with a class schedule
  • Christ-centered teaching
  • Fine and Gross motor development
  • Dramatic play
  • Music through songs, instruments, and fingerplays
  • Interacting with friends – focus on sharing and playing with others
  • Books and puzzles
  • Basic infant sign language
  • Bible story
  • Traveling out of the classroom to the playground and on walks