At Arrow Heights, we are all about following Jesus in the real-life settings of family, work, school, relationships, even recreation. We are learning to live life according to the Bible. We believe Jesus is Lord, King over us, and His way of life is what is good and right. Learning to live that life is called in church language, discipleship. We see discipleship (following Jesus) as a process and rhythm of 3 connections. The most important connection is with Jesus. Each and every person must begin with a personal relationship with Jesus. We grow in that relationship as we talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him through reading and studying the Bible, God’s Word. We follow what He shows us through obedience. The teaching of Jesus transforms our lives from selfishness to service. Our thoughts, attitudes, character, and conduct are being made right as we faithfully know and follow Jesus. 

The second connection of the discipleship process is connecting with one another. Jesus not only came to rescue us but in doing so, he created a faith family. This family is what the church should be. The faith family is a body of believers where each has a unique story of following Jesus yet function together as one. Connecting with one another means practicing the teachings of Jesus through genuine loving relationships. We treat one another with compassion and concern. We forgive as Jesus forgave us. We encourage one another, listen to one another, respect one another, watch over one another, and even gently correct one another. The purpose of this one another connection is for us to become like Christ, and that happens as we follow Him together. 

The third connection of the discipleship process is with those who are not in relationship with God. Followers of Jesus are commanded and empowered to help others find rescue in Jesus Christ and follow Him fully. The Bible calls this “making disciples”. It simply means, leading others to repentance from their self-focused life to submission to Jesus as Savior and Lord. We believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one can be made right unless they know Him through repentance and faith in Him. 

The following is a short description of how Arrow Heights Baptist Church follows Jesus and makes more followers of Jesus through various group functions and ministries. 


This is the gathering of the whole church. This usually happens on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. Through this gathering, the church engages in Gospel-focused worship of our Lord and Savior. The worship time includes Bible reading and corporate prayer. We participate in the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We hear and obey the Lord as God’s Word is preached by our pastor.


CORE groups are small groups of three to five gender-specific believers who meet weekly for 6-12 months to ESTABLISH the foundational character and conduct of one who follows Jesus daily. Secondly, core group members are EQUIPPED to practice the habits, skills, and rhythms that assure they continue to mature and walk with Jesus faithfully. Finally, these groups are trained to ENGAGE others with the Gospel through the use of their personal stories of repentance and faith as well as sharing the story of salvation in Jesus. It is an expected outcome that those who follow this core path will be able to make more followers of Jesus.


Arrow Heights Baptist Church believes all followers of Jesus should be partners in fellowship to serve Jesus together fulfilling the mission of making more followers of Jesus. We call this Biblical community. We have a number of groups of 5-30 people who meet weekly to SEEK God together through the interactive study of God’s Word and the testimony of God’s work in and through the life of the group members. These groups also SHEPHERD through caring and praying for one another in a loving atmosphere of transparency and trust. The third function of these groups is to reach others through SERVICE. The group members partner together to do the work of God both within the church and especially in the community to be on mission and advance the Gospel to make more followers of Jesus.

These groups meet at various times and at various locations. Some are multi-generational, and some are groups by age or affinity. Click here to find a list of available groups. We want all our members to be faithful to practice their faith through at least one of these groups.

Perspectives, Patterns and Purpose: Find Joy in Following Jesus Christ in Today’s World

Room 211

Beginning Wednesday, February 24th, our church will launch a fresh restart on Core discipleship and disciple-making called Disciple Life. We are inviting all to attend.  We will have 15 spots available for in-person attendance (due to COVID) and a spot for anyone that would like to attend virtually via ZOOM. 

Our church is committed to make disciples!  We are committed to helping our members walk with Christ, mature in Christ, and be able to lead others to Christ.  This time is dedicated to equipping all of us to be God’s people on mission, demonstrating and communicating Jesus.  After a difficult year in our world, it is time we refocused and reset our hearts on becoming fully committed followers of Jesus who are leveraging our lives to get the Gospel to others.  This year we will focus on Paul’s perspective of church discipleship.


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Does God have a plan for your life today? Would you know how to discern that plan? Would you be in a position to carry out that plan? Would you be willing to submit to His plan? Who is running your life right now? For most of us it is “me-me-me”. God loved us so much, that He sent Jesus to rescue us and put us back on His design for our lives. Discipleship is following Him to complete that design. After a very challenging year of disruptions, we need to get on track with God, experience His fulness and also be His ministers of reconciliation to others.

In the month of April, some of our members are taking a 30-day challenge called SACRED CONVERSATIONS. We will meet with God daily, surrender our day to Him and follow His lead to serve others and share our faith with those who do not know Him. We will be following a pattern from the Apostle Paul in Romans 12.  Those planning to take the challenge have been studying that passage for several weeks together. On March 31st, we will launch the challenge. Those who want to take the challenge should meet in the Student Center, room 202 at 7:00 pm to receive instructions and pray together. All are welcome to join the challenge! If you have not been in the study of Romans 12, we will partner you with someone who can guide you along the journey.

What if God really started running our lives, setting our schedules, changing our attitudes, and walking with us to impact our world for His glory? I wonder what would happen if we really let the Lord direct our day?  Come, join the challenge and see!