• To equip the church in accordance with the guiding principles of Truth, Training and Togetherness.
  • To provide a means of training adults corresponding with children and youth times.
  • To integrate men and women into cross-generational gospel-relationships.


CROSS+TRAINING will be a regular Wednesday night training time for adults and students.  Beginning at 6:30pm in the Worship Center, the church will gather for a song, prayer, and approximately 15 minutes of teaching guided by an Arrow Heights pastor.  Pastors will select a book each semester to teach through based on the rotating emphases of Truth (studying God’s Word), Training (applying God’s Word), and Togetherness (living the Word in community).  Participants will be encouraged to read specified portions of the book throughout the week.  After the opening 30 minutes, trainees break into designated groups with group leaders for approximately an hour to discuss the material.  Each semester, leaders will be identified and trained.  Group signups will occur over a several-week period as resources are made available.  CROSS+TRAINING will be semester-based and begin/end on specified dates.

  • Consistent Teaching – CROSS+TRAINING will be led by a pastor each week.
  • Semester Commitment – Groups commit for a certain period of time [~11 weeks].
  • Gender Specific – Men meet with men and women meet with women
  • About 5 People – Target 5 people per group [6 Max, including leader].
  • Unified Study – All groups go through the same study simultaneously

WHEN:  SEPT 6 – NOV 29

STUDY FOR FALL 2023 [Training]:  THIS IS OUR TIME by Trevin Wax.


  • It provides an opportunity for adults who bring kids or youth
  • It does not replace small groups
  • It provides training outside of Sunday mornings
  • It encourages multigenerational discipleship
  • It provides community mixing
  • It meets the needs of Men’s and Women’s ministry

For more information on CROSS+TRAINING, email info@arrowheights.org.