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All you need is here, including where to find the daily Bible Recap podcast that explains the Scriptures you read for that day

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Another approach to reading through the Bible by Sean McDowell 

Sean McDowell


There are a couple of ways to do this.  You could read through all that is assigned each day of the month.  If you find this too much, break it down smaller.  In example, in February you may choose to read Luke 3-4 on Monday, 5-6 on Tuesday, back to 3-4 on Wednesday, etc.  You might even choose to read through only one chapter each day and read through two chapters on either Saturday or Sunday so you have read through what is assigned each week.  You would then repeat the same pattern through the rest of the month.  Do what is best for you.  But whatever you do, READ THE BIBLE EVERY DAY!

  • JAN – Philippians
  • FEB – Luke 3-6
  • MAR – Luke 7-10
  • APR – Titus
  • MAY – Luke 11-14
  • JUN – Luke 15-18
  • JUL – 2 Thessalonians
  • AUG – Luke 19-21
  • SEP – Luke 22-24
  • OCT – Hebrews 1-4
  • NOV – Hebrews 5-8
  • DEC – Hebrews 9-13

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