Students 7-12

The student ministry at Arrow Heights is a great place to be for 7-12th grade students in Broken Arrow. With a regular schedule of worship, Bible studies and small groups, as well as numerous seasonal activities and trips, your student will never lack for opportunities to connect with other students and strengthen their walk with Christ in community. We’re not the solution to what’s broken in the world, but our hope and prayer is that we guide students to the One who is.


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First things first. What are we about?

The driving force of the Arrow Heights Student Ministry programming is to engage students in 5 key areas:

1) Experiencing Jesus
“Clearing the religious clutter for closeness with and joy in Christ”
2) Cultural Discernment
“Taking part in a robust learning community under the authority of the Bible in order to wisely navigate an accelerated, complex culture”
3) Meaningful relationships
“Being devoted to fellow believers, we want to be around and become”
4) Vocational Discipleship
“Knowing and living God’s calling, especially in the arena of work, and right-sizing our ambitions to God’s purposes”
5) Countercultural Mission
“Living as a faithful presence by trusting God’s power and living differently from cultural norms”

There’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9!). These areas of focus are taken from an EXCELLENT book called Faith for Exiles by David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock.

When Do We Meet || What Do We Do?


StudentsMidweek || Wednesdays 6-8pm

Wednesdays we dig in deep! We’ll start our time together with games and fun, but quickly transition to DGroups for teaching and discipleship led by an amazing group of leaders in our church.

What does that look like? I’m glad you asked!

Being that small groups are a key element and goal here at Arrow Heights, the student ministry is working to pair 4-6 students (same gender, mixed grades) with 2 adults to tackle weekly discipleship. In these DGroups we will be teaching students to not only read the Bible, but apply the Bible as they go about their week.

It’s different, but by changing things up we are prayerfully expectant that the Lord will do some amazing things!


StudentSundays+SERVEin || Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings our students will be engaged Bible study focused on a current event or applicable topic. After a short time in the Word we will plug students into areas around the church in which they will be asked to serve.

Serve?? You heard that right!! See below for the details.

 SERVEin ||

The student ministry’s task is to lead our students to find their place in the local church. We feel so strongly about it that we’re scheduling it! This will be a HUGE opportunity to engage them in (very informal) mentorship relationships with adults already serving in key areas.

Areas of service to include but not limited to:

The Hospitality team (greeters, check-in, hosting student ministry connection table etc.)

Audio Video Ministry (sound, camera, video)

Student Ministry Social Media

Children’s ministry (childcare helpers…16+)

Choir / worship team

The goal is to show them that they are a needed, valuable part of the church as they serve. This also provides the chance to connect with adults already serving in those areas.

SERVEout || Ongoing Opportunities

We want to see students in our student ministry serve outside the walls of the church. The plan is to provide frequent and ongoing service projects to have students to participate in. Not only is this time great for our students’ personal spiritual growth, but is an excellent chance for them to bring their friends who are not connected to our church (or ANY church for that matter). Serving will also provide them a chance to put their faith into practice and share the gospel with those in need (widows, homeless, public servants, etc.).

The goal is to show them the church is not just a building, but that we MUST go outside to shine into the dark. This will be an excellent opportunity for students to take what they’ve learned IN the church and put it into practice so they experience the reality of the gospel as it is applied.

Events ||

Special events and getaways also help to strengthen our students’ spiritual/biblical foundation through relationships and Bible study. Retreats, summer camps, conferences, discipleship trips (mission trips), and more provide a great time to meet new friends, deepen their walk with God, and make memories to last a lifetime. Here is a list of some of our special student ministry events:

  • Camp Regeneration (Summer)
  • Disciple Now Weekend (Jan/Feb)
  • Fall ServeOUT (Oct/Fall Break)
  • Various Outreach Projects
  • Discipleship Trips (mission trips)
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas Outreach
  • Six Flags Trip (varies year to year)
  • See You At The Pole
  • Super Summer
  • and more…