W.E.E. Ministry exists to further the mission of Arrow Heights Baptist Church, which is to develop authentic disciples who know, love, and share Jesus Christ.  We do this by helping children grow – physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually – to know themselves, their world, and the God who made them and loves them.


Program Goals:

To enable children

  • to grow in their understanding of themselves, family and others.
  • to respect and like themselves.
  • to grow in the awareness that God loves them and that Jesus is their friend.
  • to learn to play well with and enjoy having friends.
  • to learn to handle themselves safely and confidently during large muscle activities.
  • to become skillful in the use of small muscles as they manipulate art materials and puzzles.
  • to enjoy a variety of sensory experiences.
  • to enjoy creative expression in music, art and play.
  • to grow in the ability to receive and extend trust and love.
  • to develop consistency with their level of maturity.


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