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At Arrow Heights we are all about following Jesus in the real life settings of family, work, school, relationships, even recreation. We are learning to live life according to the Bible. We believe Jesus is Lord, King over us and His way of life is what is good and right. Learning to live that life is called in church language, discipleship. We see discipleship (following Jesus) as a process and rhythm of 3 connections. The most important connection is with Jesus. Each and every person must begin with a personal relationship with Jesus. We grow in that relationship as we talk to Him in prayer and listen to Him through reading and studying the Bible, God’s Word. We follow what He shows us through obedience. The teaching of Jesus transforms our lives from selfishness to service. Our thoughts, attitudes, character and conduct are being made right as we faithfully know and follow Jesus. 

The second connection of the discipleship process is connecting with one another. Jesus not only came to rescue us but in doing so, he created a faith family. This family is what the church should be. The faith family is a body of believers where each has a unique story of following Jesus yet function together as one. Connecting with one another means practicing the teachings of Jesus through genuine loving relationships. We treat one another with compassion and concern. We forgive as Jesus forgave us. We encourage one another, listen to one another, respect one another, watch over one another, and even gently correct one another. The purpose of this one another connection is for us to become like Christ, and that happens as we follow Him together. 

The third connection of the discipleship process is with those who are not in relationship with God. Followers of Jesus are commanded and empowered to help others find rescue in Jesus Christ and follow Him fully. The Bible calls this “making disciples”. It simply means, leading others to repentance from their self-focused life to submission to Jesus as Savior and Lord. We believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and that no one can be made right unless they know Him through repentance and faith in Him. 

The following is a short description of how Arrow Heights Baptist Church follows Jesus and makes more followers of Jesus through various group functions and ministries. 

FIRST GROUPS: FIRSTgroups are gatherings of 3-5 people who are intentionally focused on learning to follow Jesus in daily life. These groups are called FIRST because they are top priority for Arrow Heights members as we focus on being followers of Jesus before anything else. They are also called FIRST because these groups are foundational to helping us relate together as a church. In the time together (approximately 13 weeks), the group develops transparent relationships with one another to assist each person to be more like Jesus. Secondly, the group studies the core teaching that Jesus taught His first disciples. As the study progresses week to week, the group learns the right attitudes to live life daily. They learn how to be an influence for Jesus, as well as learning Biblical values and priorities. Jesus' teaching also warns of dangers in daily life that can cause one to get off track. In short, FIRSTgroup participants learn to build a life founded on obedience to Jesus and His Word. As participants grow in faith together week to week, many skills are learned. Skills such as how to read and understand the Bible, how to tell one’s own story of salvation to others, how to pray and even how to order one’s life by the priorities of Jesus are learned together. During the group process, the participants actively serve others who are far from God and seek to bring them into a relationship with Jesus. Contact the church office to join in a group starting soon. 

BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS: Arrow Heights Baptist Church seeks to base everything we do on Scripture, God’s Word! We provide multiple classes and trainings to understand God’s teaching for all of life. On Sunday morning at 9:15 multiple classes are provided for all ages that focus on Bible books and Bible themes providing understanding and direction for life. There are also teaching and trainings on Wednesday evenings and focused events at other times to provide Biblical foundation to live as followers of Jesus. 

COMGROUPS: COMgroups stand for Church on Mission groups. COMgroups are small groups comprised of eight to twenty people or three to five families. These groups exist for two purposes: to build genuine community with its members and to do outreach together. In COMgroups we share and pray together, read and reflect on God’s Word together, engage in ministry together, and celebrate together. Deepen your level of discipleship and build community with other believers by joining a COMgroup.

Disciple Life

Disciple Life consists of special equipping courses designed to train our members to follow Jesus, ministering effectively in today's world. Finding your S.H.A.P.E. for Ministry, What is the Church?, and Plotline (relational evangelism) are a few of the topics you will explore through our various Disciple Life offerings.